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Folklore And Tradition : Religion

Doudou: Car d'Or, Lumeçon Battle & Ducasse Sainte-Waudru

Doudou: Car d'Or, Lumeçon Battle & Ducasse Sainte-Waudru
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  • Opening periods
    • Sunday 27 May 2018
    • Address:
      7000 MONSBelgium

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    The Procession of the Car d'Or is 657 years old and has been recognised as a masterpiece of the Oral and Intangible Heritage of Humanity by UNESCO. In Mons on 31/05/15!

    On Sunday, from 9:45am until noon, a procession now more historical than religious, sets off from the Collegiate Church of St Waltrude and rambles through the streets of Mons until midday, time of the procession of the Car d'Or (a gilded carriage), which carries St Waltrude's remains.

    The procession's history dates back to the time when an outbreak of the Plague was allegedly stopped thanks to the prayers addressed to St Waltrude by the people of Mons.

    After the procession, the Battle of "Lumeçon" starts with the descent of the rue des Clercs at about 12:30pm, an enormous crowd gathers in the main square of Mons to watch St George on horseback fighting and slaying the dragon.

    This medieval performance clearly symbolises Good triumphing over Evil.

    The battle of "Lumeçon", which comes from a medieval game, tells the story of Saint George's fight with the Dragon each one benefiting from the help of numerous allies.

    The Doudou takes place on Sunday but the festivities start on the previous Thursday and end on the following Wednesday.

    The Doudou is made up of:

    • A ritual Ducasse: a recognised Oral and Intangible Heritage of Humanity with 4 highlights: taking the shrine down from its altar, the procession of the Car d'or, the ascent of the Car d'Or and the Lumeçon battle between St George and the Dragon.
    • A festive Ducasse: concerts, Military Music festival, lantern procession, jumble sale, etc. 
    • The little Lumeçon: a real combat, solely dedicated to children.


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